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​  Q: Is your business insured?
​     A: Yes, we carry a minimum of a one million dollar general liability policy to protect you and your home. We also carry an automotive policy on all company vehicles for protection while driving in the community.
​  Q: What are my payment options?
     A: Final Payment is due upon completion and your inspection of our quality craftsmanship. We accept cash, personal checks, cashier's checks, and will be accepting credit & debit cards soon.
​  Q: Does Belleau Sky Home Repair guarantee materials & labor?
     A: Yes but I must explain. We offer a one year warranty on all of our quality craftsmanship. We provide a written warranty that details the conditions of this warranty.
​  Q: What types of services do you offer?
     A: We offer a wide range of handyman services for both the exterior and interior of your home. Visit our Services Page to see most of them listed.
​  Q: Who provides the materials? Can I choose the colors and manufactures?
     A: You have the choice to purchase, pick up, and deliver the materials yourself or we will be happy to do that for you. Our time for picking up supplies is billable at our hourly rate.
​  Q: I have seen on DIY shows of running into unforeseen problems, what happens then?
     A: In the event we can run into an issue that we did not anticipate when giving you a quote we will document the issue with photos and let the homeowner know before any work continues.
​  Q: Do you require a deposit?
     A: Generally we do not require a deposit unless we have to purchase a special order part. We do reserve the right to require a deposit on a case by case basis.
​  Q. Are you licensed?
     A: In the state of Mississippi a Handyman does not need a license to do work that totals under $10,000. In Tennessee that amount is $25,000. Over those amounts and we would need a contractor’s license.
​  Q: What if I have a really small job, do you have a minimum charge?
     A: No job is too small for us but we do have a minimum charge of 1 hour. If you can put together a list of several small jobs it would benefit you more.